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Thank you for visiting the OCEAN LASER website. In order to avoid sensitive privacy issues on the internet, the Corporation issues its privacy policy.

• Site visitors’ information is safe with us, and can only be used by the Corporation to answer your request should it arise. Your information will not be disclosed to any other organization without your consent. At a time when we need to leverage your information , we will try to keep you informed of how we will use it.

• We might use your IP address to do website analysis, such as measuring the number of visits, web pages you’ve accessed to, average time you’ve taken on the website, etc. With the information, we can maintain and improve our websites for better user experience.

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• This site contains links to outside websites beyond The Corporation will not be responsible for the loss, damage, and expense caused by access to or use of the outside sites. OCEAN LASER TECH reserves its explanation rights.

• OCEAN LASER has its site protection mechanism to minimize the risk of web content loss, damage or/and manipulation. Any violation of the disclaimer or privacy policy will incur legal consequency.